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We'll be holding a FREE Introduction to doTERRA essential oils class in Derby at the Friends Meeting House, St Helen's Street, DE1 3GY.

Here you'll learn how essential oils work, what they can do and how to use them.  Plus we share the core 10 oils so you can experience them for yourself.

If you'd like to join us please contact me on the number below.

Friday 11th March 7.30pm

Call Sam on 07938 597016 to find out more

Mind Body & Soul


I'll be exhibiting doTERRA essential oils at the Mind, Body & Soul event in Burbage on the date & time below.  

Why not come along and sample the oils yourself?

Sunday 3rd June 10am to 4pm

Call Sam on 07938 597016 to find out more

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Essential Oils can support us in so many ways.  Learn how to use them to support your health and your whole family, to clean your home, for facial and body care, for pet care and much more. 

Why not host a free class in the comfort of your own home, where you invite those people you'd like to attend.

 Call Sam on 07938 597016 to book your class and to qualify for a free gift to say thank you.

Please note that there is a restriction on distance a 30 mile radius from Nottingham, however call me as other options are available.

At Eaternal Health we believe in helping people to reach their health and weight goals through optimum nutrition and inspired living.

You may have heard the phrase “you are what you eat”!  Nutritional therapists take this one step further and include “you are what you absorb” and “excrete”!

It is clear our diets can influence our weight, and our short term and long term health.  Eaternal Health is keen to provide clients with the knowledge, practical tools, and delicious recipes to maximise their health potential, and to reach and maintain their ideal weight.

In addition Eaternal Health recognises the importance of how we live our lives.




Constant stress, emotional and physical, as well as lack of exercise and time to just ‘be’ can exacerbate potential health risks.  Eaternal Health promotes lifestyle choices including regular exercise, meditation and relaxation, and encourages the use of natural products in our homes and on our bodies.



Eaternal Health believes in eternal health through optimum nutrition and inspired living! We’d like you to enjoy this too!