I’m Samantha Farmer, founder of Eaternal Health, through which I help people with health issues or weight problems to reduce their symptoms and discomfort and to lose weight, guiding them through simple changes to their diet and lifestyle to feel energised, and to look and feel amazing. These changes are manageable and sustainable for life.

I am a registered nutritional therapist, a member of BANT & CNHC, having studied for a diploma in nutritional therapy at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition under the Institute for Functional Medicine model.

What does this mean? This means I work with patient centred focus. I take into consideration a client’s health and lifestyle, past & present, as well as looking at their family history, medications, toxic load and dietary habits. I look for those influences that brought them to where they are now, what triggered their specific issue, and what is keeping them there. This enables me to establish the actions required to bring them back to health. I use testing and supplementation when appropriate.

Clinics in Mickelover, Sandiacre, West Bridgford, Loughborough and Leicester.

"Eaternal Health believes in eaternal health through optimum nutrition and inspired living!"

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