Detox – should you or shouldn’t you?


Christmas has been and gone. Hopefully you had a wonderful time celebrating the festive season with your nearest and dearest.

Now, if you’re like me, you are turning your thoughts to what you want to achieve in 2018 and what it may bring.

I like to start the year with a detox. For me it is a good time following the indulgences that Christmas brings, and make no mistake, even nutritional therapists can improve their diet and health practices!

There are many views on detox, and many different programmes on offer, so I wanted to give you a brief overview of what it involves. Continue reading

The Beauty of Sleep

night sky copy

I love sleep. I love nodding-off and I love waking-up; it is all so satisfying when it is going well. However, sleep can be elusive to most of us at one time or another leaving us with physical or mental fatigue.

Some people find it hard to get to sleep; others wake in the night or have a restless night’s sleep. This can also disturb a sleeping partner. The causes are varied and can include illness, pain, anxiety, depression, medications, respiratory issues, diet, and poor practises.

The results of a poor night’s sleep can be as simple as bags under the eyes, irritability, poor decision making to weight gain, poor digestion, compromised immune system and increased risk of getting ill.

As one of my 5 foundations of health, I consider good sleep as essential for good health and therefore worthy of attention. Here are my favourite guidelines on getting some blissful shut-eye: Continue reading

Essential Oils for Hay Fever

Hay Fever Blend

Essential oils offer more than a pleasant smell. My husband and I use them daily. My husband uses a respiratory blend to ease his snoring at night, and thyme oil on his big toe when his snoring reaches a level to register on the Richter scale! I love a dab of lavender oil on the base of my feet to help me sleep through the earthquake beside me, and truly get some restorative, deep sleep. In the mornings I drink a pint of water with a drop of lemon oil, which is cleansing, but doesn’t wreck the enamel on my teeth.

Last weekend I spent two fun days with the dōTerra essential oils team at an inspirational event held in Northampton. I came away inspired, and excited to use the knowledge gained, and decided to share a little snippet with you to ease your hay fever blues.

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15 Top Tips to Tackle Obesity


National Obesity Awareness week

This week is National Obesity Awareness Week. According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre report published last year 58% of women & 65% of men in the UK were overweight or obese. Obesity increases the risk of type II diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other common conditions.

If you or someone you know is overweight or obese and at risk of any of the above conditions, here are some tips to help you change that situation this year. Continue reading



Menopause can present with a number of uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms like hot flushes, irritability, weight gain, declining libido, vaginal dryness, and increased osteoporosis risk all due to fluctuating/lowering oestrogen levels.
Here are a few tips on how to ease through the menopause without undue discomfort. Continue reading

Hay Fever – not to be sneezed at!

Blossom tree

Hay fever, otherwise called seasonal allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction to pollen. The pollens include trees, grass, and weeds. For some mould spores can also trigger hay fever symptoms.

Histamine is released into the bloodstream by the immune system when one of these allergens is detected, causing inflammation, sneezing, runny nose, and swollen and runny eyes. This is the body’s attempt to eradicate the invader, but creates considerable discomfort for the sufferer. Continue reading

Bikini Body


The recent warm sunshine heralds the spring and feelings of kicking off our winter woollies and bearing our bodies to the caressing sunrays. It will soon be bikini weather!

For most of us we take a look at ourselves and realise there is much work to be done before we bear all on the beach. Continue reading