dō Terra Essential Oils

These oils provide fabulous support to mind and body.  I chose dō Terra due to the quality, potency, and purity of the oils.  The care in sourcing, harvesting and testing is, I believe, second to none.

You can buy these at Retail prices CLICK HERE. Or you can receive 25% off retail prices when you open a wholesale account.  CONTACT ME to find out more. 

Amchara Retreats Somerset, UK & Gozo, Malta

Amchara Health Retreats are for anyone who wishes to change their physical health, emotional well-being and lifestyle that drives these in a positive, sustainable way. Amchara’s motto is ‘Change for Good’ and they have an approach, based on functional medicine, that is used in a supportive and nurturing environment that we call Functional Health.

Have a look at their website, and if you decide to book, email Emily at, mention my name 'Samantha Farmer' and claim your FREE treatment

To find out more about Amchara CLICK HERE