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Hay fever, otherwise called seasonal allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction to pollen. The pollens include trees, grass, and weeds.  For some mould spores can also trigger hay fever symptoms. Histamine is released into the bloodstream by the immune system when one of these allergens is detected,...

Do you ever think about what is in your shop bought dishwasher tablet? Or ever wince at the cost? I have recently started to make my own using natural products like bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, essential oils and doTERRA cleaning concentrate and I am delighted at the results. My dishes come out beautifully clean, albeit tea stains remain a challenge.  They are simple to make, and take little time to do.  They just need about 4 hours to set.

I learnt early on in my nutritional therapy clinic that many clients experience emotional issues that can impede them from full recovery. The issues maybe recent or very often they go right back to childhood, or they are buried so deep they don’t even realise...