Eaternal Health | Detoxification -a few tips to get you on a healthier path
tips for detoxification and cleansing safely
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Detoxification – a few tips to get you on healthier path

Detoxification – a few tips to get you on healthier path

After the excesses of Christmas most of us can benefit from a detox.

There are many views on detoxification, and many different programmes on offer, so I wanted to give you a brief overview of what it involves.

Our bodies are equipped to detox waste from normal bodily metabolic functions and from some external toxins on a daily basis. The main organs involved in detoxification include the liver, colon, kidneys, skin and lungs. However, modern life has given us greater challenges with external toxins including some processed foods, heavy metals, plastics, cleaning chemicals, pesticides, GMO and hybridized foods, electro-magnetic fields – I could go on.


All these extra toxins put extra pressure on the body and ultimately we get to a stage where our bodies can not cope any longer – we start to feel sluggish, our skin breaks out, a variety of physical symptoms sneak up on us like headaches, aching joints, and weight gain that we cannot shift. On a mental level we can lose clarity, feel emotional, irritable, sad, or we just couldn’t care less. I am sure you can easily add to the list. Ultimately we can develop more serious issues and experience ill health.

It is my belief that we can support the detoxification process and provide relief to the organs required to deal with the backlog of toxins through a detoxification programme. However, how each of us does this depends on where we are with our health. Let me explain.

If you are constipated and start a detox without first tackling your constipation, you are in danger of releasing toxins from safe storage to recirculate in your body rather than be eliminated in your stools. If our bowels are slow, toxins maybe reabsorbed in the colon rather than be eliminated. This can cause more problems then before you started.

It is my belief that those who are quite toxic should approach detox gently – starting with a food detox, rather than a juice detox. Those who already eat a very healthy diet are better equipped for more demanding juice diets, but must still ensure good levels of protein, which is required by the liver to enable the detox function, and be cautious of the sugar spikes that juice can trigger.

My advice, to get started, is to remove obvious toxins like alcohol, caffeine, all sugars and processed foods, and to include plenty of water, good fibrous vegetables, lots of green and coloured veg, eat some raw or lightly steamed, go easy on the fruit and enjoy some oily fish. Allow 13 to 16 hours between the last meal of the day and the first meal of the next morning. Get out and walk each day, and turn off your tech! These few easy actions suit the majority of people. If you can do this for 28 days you should start to see improvements in your energy levels, improved skin appearance, symptoms reduce, and some weight loss.

Use this as a springboard to a healthier approach to eating. Bon appétit!