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Discover Natural Solutions for Healthy Living

Discover Natural Solutions for Healthy Living

Many of us today want to take charge of our health, are concerned about the number of toxins we are exposed to, and want to support our families more fully by using natural products.

Come and join a natural solutions class with me to learn how you can use the power of essential oils to support your health and that of your family, whatever their age and situation.

doTERRA essential oils can be used as part of your medicine cabinet helping with minor issue, supporting many chronic conditions and  can be used preventatively.

Here are some of the bodily systems essential oils can support:

– digestive

– hormonal

– respiratory

– muscular skeletal

– cardiovascular … and more.

In this session you will learn what essential oils are, how they work and which oil is suitable for which health issue. It is a fun session and interactive as the oils are passed around for you to try.

And when you attend a class you will receive a FREE 5ml bottle of essential oil to take home with you


Thursday 22nd November 7.00pm

Thursday 6th December 7.00pm

Wednesday 12th December 7.00pm

Thursday 13th December 7.00pm


Café at The Key

The Key Health Club, 7 Bunny Lane, Keyworth, NG12 5JU

Call Sam on 07938 597016 to book your Free place – don’t come alone, bring a friend to share the experience with.

You can’t make it, but really want to learn more? Then gather friends and family in your own home and I will come to you to hold a class Free, each guest will receive a 5ml bottle of essential oil and you will receive a gift for hosting the class. Call me on 07938 597016 to discuss your class details or to find out more.