Eaternal Health | Keep out of the fridge
Some top tips to keep you from raiding the fridge whilst in isolation.
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Keep Out of The Fridge!

Keep Out of The Fridge!

Oh if I had a pound for every post I had read over the last 3 weeks from people unable to pass the fridge without grabbing some morsel to devour !

It seems that social isolation, quarantine or cocooning – whatever you wish to call it, is having some unexpected challenges for many.

As someone who regularly works from home, my fridge holds little allure for me – that and the fact as a nutritional therapist it rarely contains any naughty morsel – apart from chocolate.  I am partial to chocolate in case you were unaware!!

So to prevent the nation from increasing its girth, here are some tips to help keep your unhealthy relationship with the fridge under control!

  • Plan your meals in advance and ensure you eat sufficient foods; wholefoods, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and quality protein. When your body is nourished, it is less likely that you’ll think about food and your mood is likely to be more balanced too.
  • Avoid high sugar foods and processed food, which can raise your blood sugar quickly only to drop off suddenly leaving you potentially lacking energy, moody, or craving something sweet or a stimulant.
  • Keep stimulants to a minimum – like coffee, tea, caffeine drinks and alcohol.
  • Ask yourself if you could be thirsty and not peckish – drink some water
  • Instead of heading for the fridge try something different like dancing to your favourite disco beat (am I showing my age here?), singing, phone a friend for a chat– keep them out of their fridge too!
  • Breathe! Try breathing in for 3, hold for 4 and out for 5.
  • This is a great opportunity to learn something new. The internet is an endless source of things you never even imagined you could do.  How to apply make-up or hair dos. Learn to play the piano or paint. Investigate your family history. Learn a language. Avoid baking – probably not a good idea for you right now!
  • Or spring clean! How exciting is it to find things tucked away in the back of a drawer, under the bed, back of the wardrobe? Perhaps leave your kitchen cupboards until last this time, just in case you find a secret stash you hid from the kids a year ago last Easter!

I have made light of the situation, as I feel there is more important & serious stuff going on in the world right now, but I will say that the time we have at home provides us with the opportunity to make positive changes to our diets and lifestyles. We can plan out how we wish to live, how we wish to feel, what we want to achieve and we can take the first step – no matter how small.

As I now work wholly on line, please get in touch if you would like a complimentary chat about your health and longevity, or weight objectives. I am not going anywhere soon! Stay safe and well, and out of the fridge!