Eaternal Health | New Years Resolutions - how to get results
How to improve your chances of meeting your New Years Resolution and goals.
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New Years Resolutions – How to get results.

New Years Resolutions – How to get results.

I think we have all made a New Year’s Resolution (NYR) only to drop it after a couple of weeks.

There are several reasons why this may happen – we didn’t plan it in to our schedule, we didn’t realise the real reason for making the change- this is something I address with weight management clients.  What is the reason for wanting to lose weight? When you delve deep and keep asking that annoying ‘why’, we can find reason that will really keep them on track. Reason like wanting to be fit enough to play with the grandchildren, reducing the risk of an age related disease, or being able to do all the things they want to do in retirement. Other reasons for not achieving our resolutions can be that the goal was not realistic, we didn’t recognise that we may need help, or support.  I am sure you can add a few more in here.

I would like to share some tips that can help increase your NYR success rate starting with some wise words from Marie Forleo, @ who shared science backed tactics you can implement.

The first is to write down your goals, and to do this daily – like writing lines out at school (for those who remember that punishment ‘ I will not be late for class, I will not be late for class..’) The suggested number of lines is around 15 or more. Apparently this can increase your chances by around 42%.

Plan the time and the place where this NYR will take place – put it in your diary.  A date for yourself, with yourself is as important as any other you make so book personal time in your diary to ensure you honour yourself and your commitment. It is also suggested that you have a back up plan, because things don’t go according to plan.  For instance, in the weight management programme I encourage clients to keep a packet of nuts or oat cakes in their office drawer, handbag, or car so that if they are delayed and cannot reach for their prepared lunch, they have something healthier to keep them going rather than ending up reaching for a packet of crisps or sweets.

The action is to tell a friend – an accountability partner.  You can check in weekly with a progress report. This increases your chances of success by 65%.  I did this one myself 6 years ago.  I told my nutrition friend Karen that I was going to go gluten-free post Christmas so I could really experience the challenges it presents clients with. I wholly respect and value Karen’s friendship, so there was no way on earth I was going to fail.  I have been gluten-free ever since and feel so much better for it!

Here are a few more things I would suggest to help you meet your goals.

Write down your reason for your NYR. Question yourself on why you want this, until you have established the reason that will help keep you on track.

Create a vision board – this is fun and powerful.  I have done this several times and found my desires realised.  Be careful what you put on there- I put a picture on of a dog I thought my puppy, Molly, would grow into.  Instead I manifested another dog completely, Luna, who is the spitting image of the picture! She’s a handful, demanding, nutty, but adorable.

Ensure you include all areas of your life, like health, relationships, home, career etc.

Finally look for support if you think you need it.