Eaternal Health | Pillar 5 - Emotional Wellbeing
Emotional wellbeing can be vital to achieve optimal health
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Pillar 5 – Emotional Wellbeing

Pillar 5 – Emotional Wellbeing

I learnt early on in my nutritional therapy clinic that many clients experience emotional issues that can impede them from full recovery. The issues maybe recent or very often they go right back to childhood, or they are buried so deep they don’t even realise they exist.

What I have found is that we all have issues and it is how we deal with them that counts. But first we need to recognise we have an issue, and also appreciate that it can manifest itself physically within us.

Did someone say something to you as a child that you still recall to this day? As an infant I recall a local boy calling me a name, which I was upset about. I am sure I would have forgotten all about it if my teacher hadn’t said in a somewhat patronising way ‘Sticks and stones, Samantha, may break my bones, but names will never hurt me’. I recall thinking – ‘then why did his words hurt me???’ Now I realise it is often not the words that are spoken, but the intent behind them. However, the words can only hurt me if I allow them to – I don’t have to take ownership of them, I can let them go.

Like everything to do with our health, it is very individual. To some a few words may hurt, to another they mean nothing.

A book I love is ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, which simply indicates that yesterday has been and gone therefore we cannot change it, so let it go. Tomorrow is not yet here, so we shouldn’t worry over it. All we have is now, and in this moment I am safe, in this moment the most important person in the World is the person I am addressing right now. Nothing else matters, so let it go.

Although I didn’t read the whole book; it is one of those you dip in and out of, I found its lesson profound and it freed me from worry. I found I was able to let go of moments that didn’t go so well, to take a lesson from them and use them to help me with similar circumstances going forward. I also stopped worrying about what might be or what might go wrong. I recommend you read this book if you feel trapped by your past or constantly worry about the future.

Another technique I have used is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) often referred to as tapping. I have used this technique to overcome emotional issues from the past and found it unbelievably effective. There are many practitioners who can help you with this, or do as I did and look it up online and follow a guided practice. If your issues are deep set, then I recommend you have professional guidance.

Other techniques include keeping a journal where you offload your feelings about the day’s events. The act of writing them down almost helps you let them go.

Write a letter to someone who may have hurt you and explain how you felt by what they did or said. But don’t send the letter. It again helps you to offload the feelings – often the perpetrator has no idea that they affected you so. I have also learnt that unkind words may reflect how the other person feels about himself or herself. So never allow another’s criticism of you to hurt you. Listen, understand and evaluate what is said – maybe we can learn something from what is said and adapt! Strive to become the best version of you that you can be by using criticism positively.

I have also referred clients to other professionals including hypnotists, who have been particularly beneficial to those who have buried issues to the point they have forgotten they are there. It seems, however, that unless we deal with our issues they can still affect our health. Hypnotherapy helped one client who was unaware of an ancient issue attached to her home that meant her health suffered when at home, but was amazing when away.

Physical hurt is very real, and although an injury may have healed, the emotional and mental wound can live on.

The subject of emotional wellbeing is enormous and widespread. I have only touched on a few actions that can be done to address emotional issues. If you know you have an issue that affects you, or suspect you have something going on, because you just can’t seem to get better or move forward, I would urge you to seek professional help, to unearth the problem, to acknowledge it, deal with it or let it go. Without balance in this 5th pillar, you are unlikely to feel the best you possibly can, and feeling your best can be amazing!