Eaternal Health | Services
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Nutritional Therapy Initial consultation includes


90 minute face to face or online £80.00

  • Health and body scan questionnaire analysis and evaluation
  • 3 day food diary analysis
  • Establish health goals
  • Body composition analysis
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan (taking into account any medications interactions)
  • Personal supplement plan where applicable
  • Functional testing where applicable

Follow-up consultation

60 minutes £60.00

  • Food diary analysis
  • Body composition analysis
  • Progress evaluation
  • Goals review
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan (taking into account any medications interactions)
  • Functional test interpretation

Nutritional Therapy Package 1

Introduction to Eaternal Health 3 month programme £230 single payment

  • 1 x initial consultation as above
  • 2 x follow-up consultations as above
  • plus 2 x 30 minute telephone calls in between sessions for progress updates

Nutritional Therapy Package 2

Eaternal Health Master Plan, 6 month programme £560 (paid DD £112 for 5 months)

  • 1 x initial consultation as above
  • 5 x follow-up consultations as above
  • plus unlimited access by phone or email in between consultations.

Aftercare Maintenance £45 per month

  • 60 minutes monthly via 1 telephone, email or Zoom contact

Extra calls between sessions £15

15 minutes via telephone, email, Zoom


Public Speaking – I am available to speak at events covering nutrition and relevant lifestyle factors.

Workshops – If you would like an interactive session on learning about and preparing food for a particular health issue, then I enjoy teaching small groups.

Corporate days – improved attendance and reduction in sick days is one of the most important outcomes from providing your workforce with healthy living information.

So many people are functioning below par, are susceptible to depression, to catching any bug that is going around the office and ultimately end up under-functioning and taking time off work.  This can be avoided with some simple changes to the way we eat, the way we live and how we approach life.

We have been fed a lot of false information over the last 50 years on how to stay slim, fit and healthy, that most people are confused on how to support their health and well-being.  I love to bring clarity and simplicity to the table.  Call me to find out how I can help your business reap the best from its most valuable asset – its staff.


I run an introduction to essential oils class, which outlines how to use essential oils in our lives to support our health, family and home.  Further subjects like cleaning with essential oils, essential oils and pet care, essential oils for face and body care, essential oils in food and cooking are also available. I am happy to arrange classes in the comfort of your own home.

Call to book and get a free 15 minute no-obligation chat about your requirements