Eaternal Health | Spring Clean with Natural Products
How to clean your home with natural products to reduce your toxin exposure.
springclean, natural solutions, essential oils, bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, toxin free.
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Spring Clean with Natural Products

Spring Clean with Natural Products

It would appear that Spring Cleaning has its history based in religion, culture and biology from around the world!

Whatever the history, the improved weather leads us to empty cupboards, clean them out, launder curtains, bedspreads and other items that just wouldn’t dry during the cold, damp months of winter.  The whole process is cathartic, and sprucing up our homes and de-cluttering can also improve our mood.

What we use to clean our homes I think is of particular importance, simply because we clean them all year round, not just during the spring.

Many of the cleaning materials we have been brought up with are man-made chemicals that can add a level of toxicity to our homes, and impact on our health, our families and our pets.  Over time our toxicity can build if we are continuously exposed to these harmful chemicals.

Have a look at the back of the bottle/packet and look at the symbols used to establish the level of potential danger related to the bottle.

We can absorb toxic substances through our breath, the skin, by mouth.  Our pets walk over the floors, our children crawl and play on surfaces cleaned using potentially harmful chemicals.  It is quite easy to see how we can be exposed without even realising it.

We can quite simply clean our homes effectively with more natural compounds like bicarbonate of soda, castile soap, white vinegar, citric acid and essential oils. Affordable items that can be purchased online.

I have been making my own bathroom cleaner with castile soap, bicarbonate of soda and essential oil – which I can honestly say has worked better than any shop bought product I have had.

What I have also found is that my homemade products are  much more cost effective and nothing takes more than a few minutes to prepare.  My dishwasher tablets for instance worked out to about half the price of an ‘environmentally friendly’ alternative and worked just as well.

My husband and I had a challenge on who had the best result from cleaning the French doors; hubby with the Karcher and bought window cleaner, me with my water, white vinegar & lemon oil mix and microfiber cloth.  He was reluctant, but had to admit the shine on my French door outshone his significantly – far fewer smears!

One of the unexpected benefits I have found is the smell of the essential oils also enhances mood, making cleaning  a pleasure rather than a chore and the house smells fresh.

To find out how to make your own, please visit my website and look at the options under Inspired Living or get in touch if you are interested in classes – online of course in the current climate, or if you’d like to get hold of some essential oils to clean your home.