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Mushrooms There are numerous types of mushroom from the humble button mushroom to the more exotic, health stars like Shitake, Reishi and Maitake mushrooms. Mushrooms have been consumed since pre-historic times.  The Egyptians believed that they hold the secret to immortality  and the Romans referred to them...

Oh if I had a pound for every post I had read over the last 3 weeks from people unable to pass the fridge without grabbing some morsel to devour ! It seems that social isolation, quarantine or cocooning – whatever you wish to call it,...

We all know that good nutrition is important for health, but so many people eat foods that do not support their wellbeing at all. There is plenty of science to show that the food we eat can support the function of every cell of our bodies from vitamins and minerals that support metabolic functions, to antioxidants that help fight potential damage from free radicals (the by products of metabolic functions, but also from external toxins), to fibre rich food to aid elimination of waste, to support our gut bacteria and help balance blood sugar levels. The foods we eat can reduce the risk of contracting conditions like heart disease, type II diabetes, cancer, and help bring us back to health. It can provide us with energy, a clear mind, and healthy weight. So what is stopping us?