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Ever since I can remember women, predominantly, have been on diets.  Diet after diet, losing weight, regaining weight – a perpetual roller coaster of feast and famine. Magazines promote new diets every year and we buy them hoping this one will give us the body of...

Scientists from Oxford University claim that we are having between 1 & 2 hours less sleep a night than we did 60 years ago. Sleep deprivation is thought to cost the British economy about £40 billion a year. The lack of sleep can be detrimental to...

We would all like to enjoy good health, feeling energised, supple, clear headed and looking our best so that we can fully enjoy and live our lives to the full. When we are young and fit, we often take our health for granted. For those who suffer ill health or have suffered ill health, you know only too well how it impacts your life. Actions you took for granted like nipping upstairs to fetch your shoes suddenly become a major event. The act of putting on one’s shoes and tying the laces can also be a challenge.