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Having struggled for many years with my health I decided to see what The Bridge Centre could offer me.

I first saw Charles Dunning at The Bridge Centre and he has helped me with various health issues. He then referred me to Samantha Farmer a nutritionist at the centre for further help with my food issues. I found Samantha very friendly and reassuring and she explained things in simple easy to understand terms. She made numerous suggestions, which were always promptly followed up with an email. I find these are great to refer back to including the recipe suggestions. Samantha also suggested that I saw Franca Hood for a one-off consultation, which I found to be extremely effective.

I have found the whole experience to be remarkable, I was always treated as an individual not as a text book case. I was listened to, all my problems were noted before recommendations were made all of which were natural and easy to follow. Having suffered for 30+ years I now have my life back and can’t thank Samantha, Charles and Franca enough. I would certainly recommend The Bridge Centre and their caring staff.

Paula, Derby

I went to see Sam with several heath niggles and also for preconception health advice. I have enjoyed the sessions as Sam is a wonderful fountain of foodie knowledge who I could chat to for much longer than the time allows. She is a lovely person who takes the time to explain everything fully as well as answer any questions you have in great detail.

I took a food intolerance test via Sam and it was all made very simple. It was worth taking as now I know which foods maybe causing issues and with Sam’s help, take the steps to omit them from my diet.

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone looking for dietary advice.

Sarah, Derby

I had a 4 week trial with Zest4life and Sam was my nutritionalist and coach. It was a valuable education into ‘diets’, foods and the way they work and the way our bodies use them. I’m a firm believer in “Knowledge is Power’ – particularly in tackling weight! Sam explained it all so it was easy to understand and anything I didn’t quite get she would explain further, until I did. The 4 weeks flew by and I had started to lose weight but I was ‘hungry’ (intentional pun) to learn more so I signed up to the Super Health Programme. It was fantastic, I had support all the way through the programme. I lost more weight and I’ve kept it off! And without having big bouts of hunger, like I’d had on previous diets. I feel so much better in myself, with more energy than before. I mostly stick with a Low GL plan now, it’s second nature. And besides with the new knowledge I now have, I couldn’t imagine myself eating any other way.

Thank you Sam for all of your help and support, and for all of those tasty recipes too!
Best wishes from a very happy and content client,

Sharon, Nottingham

I became conscious of being different when my weight was addressed by a G.P. at 12 years old. Subsequently, as I grew older, various diets and products were tried with a lesser or greater degree of success. Some would result in short term slimness but this could never be sustained for very long.

When I learnt about Zest4life from a friend, I immediately volunteered as a “Guinea Pig”, albeit with some scepticism as I already ate healthily (didn’t I?) Since then I have shed over 5 stones (& still losing the odd pound) without needing any expensive treatments, membership charges or special products or foods. Zest4life is an easy and simple programme following one of life’s basic principles – eating! Meals are quick to prepare and the accompanying cookbook is informative, containing inventive, tasty and fulfilling recipes. I categorically state that I have never felt hungry using Zest4life principles. From starting Zest4life I am amazed how my energy has rocketed and I can exercise better (I am not a Gym fanatic, just an ordinary woman of a certain age).

Without hesitation I tell everyone I can about Zest4life because it has literally changed my life so easily. It is my way of life, my eating is not “different” from others, I just make better choices of foods to eat to nourish and sustain my health and weight. Try it and you will see what I mean, even in 1 month you will notice significant difference. It works and it works for ever. Look forward to change – give it a go, I did and WOW!

Jill, Leicestershire