Eaternal Health | Top Quirky Tips On Keeping Pets
My quirky top tips on keeping pets.
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Top Quirky Tips On Keeping Pets

Top Quirky Tips On Keeping Pets

April is National Pet month, so Molly and Luna have told me.

This is its 27th year of celebrating all pets and the pleasure and joy they bring to our lives. This year is focussed on the top 10 tips for responsible pet ownership.

Here are my personal quirky top tips having had the pleasure of having cats, chickens and more recently dogs.

  1. Talk to your pet – I have found they understand much more than I ever think possible and communication between us becomes much deeper, and much more rewarding. My cat used to grass my husband up, much to his dismay – she used to keep an eye on him and report back his misdemeanours!
  2. Consider Reiki if your pet is in discomfort or stressed. I have done this on an elderly gun dog that had rheumatism and hobbled in pain.  Her owner said she ran around like a puppy for 3 days after. I have also used it on a broody chicken, to calm her.  She loved her daily session and calmed under my hands. Find a short course to learn how to use on loved ones and pets. Be sure to seek professional advice however so your pet doesn’t suffer unnecessarily.
  3. Provide a nutritious and well balanced diet for your pet. Our pets deserve good nutrition (should also save on vet bills long term), so look for foods suited to your pet and consider what they might eat in the wild to help make suitable choices.  My dogs enjoy a fresh bone every now and then for the mineral properties – great for developing head muscles and scraping away plaque.
  4. Clean your floors with natural solutions like dōTERRA cleaning concentrate, rather than chemical laden cleaners. Your pet can absorb those chemicals through their paws, many of which have been shown to be unsafe for pets and small children.
  5. Purify the air by diffusing essential oils rather than potentially toxic synthetic air fresheners– check which oils are suitable to use around your pet, and ensure a door is left open so they can leave the room when they wish.
  6. Cats and dogs like to play. Ensure the toys are safe and check them regularly for damage. If a tug toy unravels, bin it straight away.
  7. I prefer to use natural solutions for pet care rather than medication with its potential side effects. This is of course a very personal choice. Should you choose to follow a more holistic route, please research thoroughly to ensure you do no harm, be aware of your limits and seek professional advice.

I have loved each of my cats, 11 chickens and 2 dogs.  They have all been special in different ways.

Enjoy your pets, they provide companionship, they can enhance mood, promote exercise, lower stress (OK they can raise it too!!), dog walkers meet other people whilst out walking, they can help improve your immune system and reduce allergy development in children, they can make you feel safe and teach your children responsibility. They give their love unconditionally.

As my husband says; ‘what’s the difference between your dog and your wife when you let them out of the boot of your car after having shut them in?  Your dog will be pleased to see you.  As for the wife – well!’