Eaternal Health | Top Tips to enhance your Resilience
Lifestyle actions you can take to help support your ability to adapt to unexpected changes, to enhance your resilience to thrive.
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Top Tips to enhance your Resilience

2020 has perhaps offered many in the world the greatest challenge of our lives particularly from an emotional perspective.  The uncertainty of what is a head; a second wave of COVID-19, potential redundancies on a level beyond experience and a recession can cause anxiety, worry and fear. All in all this period is testing our resilience once again.  Humans are, in essence, a resilient species, but many of us have experienced an easy existence so far and are unfamiliar with having to adapt to change like this.

Resilience is our ability to adapt to change and there are a few things we can focus on to assist with building resilience.

First is looking after your physical and mental health with a healthful diet, regular exercise, meditation practice, and plenty of good quality sleep.  I have spoken at length on these areas previously, so won’t do so again, but I want to highlight them as essential, foundational practices.

The second is to develop awareness of the areas within your control and aim to live in the moment – forget yesterday as it has been and gone and you cannot change it.  You can learn from the experiences, but don’t dwell on what you cannot change.  Tomorrow is not yet here, so although we can plan ahead, it will be what it will be, so there is no need to worry about it, because worry will not make a difference.  Worry can however lower your immune system, impede your sleep and basically ruin the moment!  Learn to embrace change and look upon it as a new adventure, a new path of discovery that is offering opportunity and a change that is meant to be.

Be aware of friends who lift you and those who bring your mood down and spend more time with the former and less with the latter. Do you recall the old advert – it is good to talk? Connect with people regularly – it is often who you know and not what you know that can provide opportunities too.

The third is to engage in hobbies and areas of interest more fully. Should you need a new direction from an income point of view, could your area of interest offer a solution?

Tip #4; I would include the following practices; each morning when I wake I start to recite the things in my life that I am grateful for; I love my life, I love my husband, I love my cheeky dogs, I love my home & garden, I love my neighbours and the gorgeous village and countryside etc. I also give further recognition of the wonderful things in my life when I walk the dogs – I notice the wild flowers, the bird song, the butterflies, blue sky and white fluffy clouds (mostly puddles and downpours recently!).  I also end the day with things I am thankful for that day; such as a particular conversation, welcoming a new client, a good dinner. This gratitude practice has really uplifted my spirits, as I remind myself each day what a wonderful life this is.

Use doTERRA essential oils daily; place a drop of Balance on the base of your foot to help ground you for the day ahead.  Apply Adaptiv Touch to your pulse points during the day to help you address issues as they arise and keep you calm, take the Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements daily (check with a health professional if you are taking medication) to support energy levels, mood and general nutrition. And finish the day by diffusing Serenity before bed for a lovely night’s sleep.

These practices can help us feel assured, so we may embrace change with wonder, excited expectation and curiosity rather than with fear and sense of loss.

Finally please reach out for help when and if you need it.  Many of my therapist friends and colleagues are experienced in helping with emotional turmoil and are ready to help.  Get in touch if you want a referral or to learn how you can get doTERRA essential oils into your life.