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Top tips for weight loss
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Weight Management – Top Tips

Weight Management – Top Tips

Ever since I can remember women, predominantly, have been on diets.  Diet after diet, losing weight, regaining weight – a perpetual roller coaster of feast and famine.

Magazines promote new diets every year and we buy them hoping this one will give us the body of our dreams, but sadly it is often another tale of losing and regaining pounds.

So what does it take to lose weight successfully?  I am going to share a few top tips to help you on the way.

  • Be aware of your ‘why’!  Why do you want to lose weight?  Be clear on the reason so you can go back to that whenever tempted to eat something unsuitable.
  • Learn what to eat; we now know that low calorie and low fat diets do not work and can be harmful.  We tend to eat far too many high sugar carbohydrates and it is this area we need to focus on. Cut back on or remove white flour products and you may see a quick result.
  • Add in foods that you know to be supportive – these are whole foods – foods as close to nature as possible.  Eating sufficient vegetables and fruits will push out the processed options you might otherwise rely on.
  • Learn when to eat; when starting out on a weight loss journey some people benefit from a small snack to help balance blood sugar.  However, in the long run it is better not to snack, to allow your digestion time to replenish digestive juices and enzymes.
  • Sleep is one of those areas we often overlook, but it has been shown that those who have less sleep tend to hold more weight. So get a good 7 – 9 hours each night.
  • Plan your meals – know what you are going to eat for the next 3 days.  This helps reduce the risk of reaching for easy, unhealthy options when you feel famished. Take this one step further by writing out a detailed shopping list and gather recipes to keep you on track.
  • Cook ahead – make double and freeze.  Wash and prepare salad to last 2 to 3 days in the fridge – you can reach in a pull out a handful as a great base for your lunch options.
  • Keep a small packet of nuts or seeds in your desk drawer, car, or handbag should you find yourself caught out and hungry.
  • Ask for support.  Tell your family and friends what you are doing and why.  Too often it is our nearest and dearest who tempt us with words like ‘go on, one won’t hurt you’ – be strong and say ‘thank you, but I will decline this time’. If they persist, say you are working on improving your health and would appreciate their support. This usually gets them on board.

If you would like my support in reaching your weight management goals, I would love to help you. I am offering my weight management programme at 2019 price of £250 for those who purchase before the end of this month January 2020. After which the programme will increase to £275. An additional person is only an extra £50 so you can do this with your partner, best friend or family (over 18s only). Click here to learn more or give me a call. And please share with those who may be interested. Thank you.


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