Eaternal Health | Why use essential oils with children
How to support your children and family with essential oils on a daily basis, only going to your GP when necessary, saving time, and money with effective and safe natural solutions.
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Why Use Essential Oils with your Children

Why Use Essential Oils with your Children

Essential oils are powerful, potent, aromatic compounds that have so much to offer us in the way of health support, cleaning our homes, cleansing our bodies, supporting our pets and elevating our moods.  They can also be used safely with children with some knowledge and research.

There are of course guidelines for using essential oils with children. When using essential oils with children, you will use less than with an adult, not just because they are smaller, but because they are likely to be more sensitive to the therapeutic effect. Children are still growing and developing, so there will be some oils that are more suitable than others depending on their age.

None the less essential oils offer a safe, natural option, which is also affective and economic.

Consider this; your little boy develops earache.  You book an appointment with the doctor, possibly take time off work to care for your child who is off school, you jump in the car and drive to your GP, a prescription is written, you visit the chemist – possibly with your child in toe, go home and administer the medication.  A few days may pass before your child is well again to return to school.

Your child may have missed some crucial education, and find it difficult to keep up, you may have lost pay from work or have to catch-up with the pile on your desk – raising stress levels further. This may repeat from one term to another – the impact can be significant on you, your child and the whole family.

What if when your child says his ear is tickling, often the first signs that something is not quite right, you are able to administer an essential oil around the outside of his ear, so that in the morning he wakes up feeling fine – no earache and ready for school? How would that impact on your child, on you and your family?

The use of essential oils within the home can be a really effective way to look after your family for the majority of minor ills and as the first line of defence, leaving a visit to the doctor for those times when medical intervention is needed.

It is empowering to be able to support your family fully with healthy, nutritional food, to use essential oils for self care and to teach your children how to care for themselves at an early age.  What is more, children love to learn how to use select essential oils for themselves.

If you would like to learn more about how to use essential oils with your family and children safely and effectively, then join me at the Natural Solutions for Children workshop at the end of the month, or contact me to find out more.